Upcoming Overnights and Events!

Grab the family calendar and save these dates:

November 10-11 we will be going to Base Camp for the overnight.  Deadline to register is October 17th.  Monday November 13 is the wreath sale pickup.

December 14 (Yes, it’s a Thursday) is our annual holiday swim party.  Along with the PLC, this is the only event for December. Enjoy all the concerts and special family events!

In January, we could do Eagle Cave and/or North Wind. Please let SPL Dylan K. or Mr. Jesse by November 14th know if you are interested in either or both events so we can reserve our spot(s). These count as one of the special camps you need for the Camping merit badge.

In February, we will be having our Board and Electronic Game overnight.  March is the Buck Hill overnight ski event.

On April 6-8, we will be camping at Minneopa State Park. Have a great idea for May? Tell your patrol leader.

Summer Camp is June 16 – 23 at Camp Wilderness with a visit to Itasca State Park. There is a BWCA canoe trip option for the older scouts.