Scout Parents -- Troop Committee Needs You!

We would like to start transitioning adult leadership positions. None of these jobs requires attending all the Tuesday night meetings or any of the overnights, though adults are always welcome to attend. Many of the positions are currently held by seasoned veterans who either no longer have a scout or have an older scouts. The troop will lose all this knowledge if they were to retire before a replacement is trained. Parents of younger scouts, please seriously consider stepping in.

We are also looking for additional adult human females to join as an Assistant Scoutmaster to attend meetings and events with Troop 5330 when Mrs. Olmsted is unavailable.  Please contact one of us if you are interested.

Anyone experienced sportsmen or sportswomen who would be willing to become BSA Range Officer certified? The scouts enjoy spending time on the rifle and bow range. To use the ranges at scout camps, we need to have a range officer. The troop will pay any costs associated with the training sessions.