Scout Parents — Merit Badge Counselors are needed

The PLC is looking for more merit badge offerings outside of the Eagle required ones that are held at Tuesday troop meetings.  These offerings can be a session at the library, a work place visit some afternoon after school, a field trip on a school release day or part of a weekend camp out. The possibilities are endless.

Any adult can become a merit badge counselor.  All it takes is a registration form, Youth Protection Training (YPT) and an interest in working with the scouts. You can become a counselor based on your knowledge and interests from work or play.  There are over 135 different merit merit badges so there is bound to be a few for everyone.

Youth Protection Training is offered on-line and is also required for any adults driving scouts to events or camping overnight (even if you just drive yourself).  Be sure to print out your certificate and give it to Mr. Walker for the troop records.