April Events - Troop Meetings, Adopt-A-Road, and Two Overnights

April 3 is the first PLC meeting for our newly elected Patrol Leaders, no regular troop meeting. Typically, the first Tuesday of the month during the school year is the PLC. The Sunday following the PLC is the troop committee meeting from 3:00 to 5:00 at the Chanhassen Library. The Troop Committee meeting is where the troop leadership and interested adults meet to determine what is needed to support the PLC decisions.

On April 6-8, we will be camping at Minneopa State Park. The PLC has planned a cooking contest. We will also be working on the photography and hiking merit badges. This is a great first camp for the new scouts as it is only a weekend and you’ll get to learn about the tents and camping. Also, it is a perfect chance to work on the first ranks. This is one chance to get some camping experience before summer camp.

April 10 at 7:00 – 8:15 is a regular troop meeting at Chanhassen Elementary.  Older scouts will have a chance to work on the Stamp Collecting merit badge. Fewer than 1000 scouts earn this badge each year —  you could be one of them! The session will cover some of the requirements and explain what is needed to complete the badge. Mrs. Olmsted is the counselor and is available for follow ups at most meetings.  This meeting will also include preparation for summer camp and working on the Scout rank.

April 17 is another regular troop meeting at Chan Elem.  All scouts who need the physical skills for Tenderfoot (first or second time) will be working on those in addition to working on Scout rank. We will also be preparing for the Solar Boat Regatta in May.

April 24th is Adopt-A-Road so meet at the Kwik Trip at 6:30 instead of Chan Elem at 7:00. We pick up the trash along a mile long stretch of Galpin Road.  Please wear your Class B, work shoes (it is usually very muddy), work gloves and dress for the weather. This is a rain or shine event. Local Webelos are also invited to join us.  The troop provides the high visibility jackets and trash bags.

April 27 – 29 is “Scout Trek” at the Ripley Rendezvous. It has several programs that take advantage of the facilities at Camp Ripley. The adventure program will include shooting shot guns, .22 rifles, 50 cal black powder inlines and archery. The Scout Ops program will include the GA GA pit and 9 ball (whatever those are).  We will stay in the tin hut barracks and all food is provided. We will sign up as a troop so don’t sign up on your own, but more information is here. It is a great deal at only $40. This is your chance to attend a large event with thousands of scouts.