Swim Test - May 14 and May 16

Scouts going to Northern Tier *must* pass the swim test before going to camp in June.

Scouts going to Summer Camp can pass the test in a warm pool before going to camp. Or you can take the test when you arrive at camp in the not as warm lake. Even if you cannot completely pass the full swimmer test, it is important to get a level before going to camp. Your level affects your ability to splash around in the water at the beach and go out in canoes. If you have *no* level, you can’t participate.

Scouts working on Second Class and First Class also need to do some swimming for rank advancement even if not going to camp. This is  a chance to perform these skills at a pool.

The CCC open swim follows the test, scouts and their families can stay and swim. The testing sessions only take 20-30 minutes, parents should plan on staying.  Scout leadership team will not be staying for open swim.