Summer 2021 Adventures

We won the lottery and have a spot at Seabase for the fist week of August 2021. You must be 13 years old by then, meet height/weight requirements and pass the swim test. You can get more information on the camp at the Seabase web site. We are sending three crews and all spots are filled. Contact Mr. Jesse to be placed on the waiting list.

The BSA National Jamboree is July 21 – 30 in 2021.  Details on the facilities  and program are available at the Jamboree Web Site. Scout participants must be at least 12 and not 18 during those dates and met height/weight requirements.  Neither troop sends a full group, scouts sign up individually to join a troop within the Northern Star Contingent.  You then request to be placed with other members from our troop. The Northern Star Troops will do some touring before or after the actual Jamboree. You will have a couple of meetings and a few campouts with your Jambo Troop before you go so you will get the chance to meet your patrol before you leave.  These are included in the full cost which also includes activity t-shirts and other items. Please contact Mrs. Olmsted or the scouts who have gone in the past.