Troop 330

We meet at various locations for our regular troop meetings. Meetings are held most Tuesday nights during the school year from 7:00pm to 8:15pm.

• Troop 330 has been in continuous service since 1947!

• Troop 330 is chartered and sponsored by American Legion Post 580 in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

• We are the perfect-sized Troop for a boy to learn and thrive in at about 30 – 50 Scouts on the roster.

• We actively seek opportunities for all Scouts to earn advancement. It is up to the Scout to do the work but ample opportunities are provided.

• Over the last ten years Troop 330 has proudly averaged 4 boys per year earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

• Troop 330 has 10-12 overnight events every year, including a week at Summer Camp. Typically there is an activity every month, plus weekly troop meetings. The Patrol Leaders Council is held the first Tuesday of each month.

• We traditionally camp a minimum of 4 major camps per year (Spring Summer, Winter and Fall). In addition we attend district and council camps and events. We try to camp every month but December — we all need the breather during the holidays.

• Typical activities included: Camping, Whitewater Rafting, Canoeing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Community Events, Bowling, Sporting Events, Climbing, Swimming, Golf, Archery and Shooting Sports.

• We do at least one or two high-adventure events each year. In 2015, we went to Northern Tier/Boundary Waters, 2016 to Philmont, and 2017 we are sending two crews to Sea Base. For 2010 we were selected to choose Troop representatives to attend the National Scout Jamboree held in Virginia. 2010 marked 100 years of Scouting in America. In 2011 we Skied in Colorado. We’ve also planned several 50-miler backpacking trips in the Black Hills and on the Superior Hiking Trail.

• Troop meetings are held most Tuesday nights from 7pm to 8:15pm during the school year. We follow the District 112 School Calendar. During our regular troop meetings we work on achievements, merit badges, Scout skills and rank advancement – We have fun while we work and learn.  Meetings are typically held at Chanhassen Elementary School.

• The first Tuesday of every month is our PLC Meeting where the designated Boy Scout Leaders and the Scoutmaster plan troop activities and discuss leadership.  PLC meetings are typically held at the Chanhassen Library.

• Boards of Review, Scoutmaster Conferences and Courts of Honor are all held on a regularly scheduled basis to allow boys the opportunity for rank advancement. A Scout may ask for a Scoutmaster Conference or a Board of review at any time. Arranging the appropriate time to ask and making sure it is done is the responsibility of the Scout.

• We hold three Court of Honor ceremonies a year to allow Scouts the opportunity to accomplish advancement and be rewarded for their efforts. The Scouts are in charge of the Court of Honor meeting.

• Troop 330 maintains Merit Badge counselors for all the Eagle Required merit badges and many optional badges. We generally provide the opportunity for Scouts to earn 6 to 8 merit badges per year. A Scout can earn as many merit badges as he wants. Many more are available if a Scout attends Summer Camp and has the self reliance to make it happen for himself.

• The Scouts have the opportunity to pay for their entire scouting adventure by doing fundraising. They sell wreaths in the fall. It is pretty easy for a Scout to fund his own way through Boy Scouts if he wants or needs too. When a Scout joins, they are asked to buy their own uniform, patches and handbook. The troop position patches are provided by the troop.

• Scouts pay $100 a year in dues to the troop. This covers the BSA application fee. The rest goes in to the general troop fund to offset costs associated with running a Boy Scout Troop.

• Our community service activities include various service projects along with our Adopt-A-Road Program. The Troop provides the boys multiple opportunities to earn service hours towards rank advancement and Scouts are encouraged to find their own ways to serve in our community. We work with local charitable organizations. Individual Eagle Projects are community service driven.

• Training is available for both Scouts and Adult Leaders. Various costs are associated with training.

Communications: The Troop website is the main point of communication for Troop 330. All troop members adult and youth are required to subscribe to our website so they may receive up-to-date event notifications.

We use Teamsnap as a calendar system and to sign up for events.

• Discipline Policy: All Scouts and Adults must adhere to the Scout Oath and Law at all times. When a situation happens where Boys do not follow the rules, they may be asked to leave a meeting or an event. If a discipline problem continues they may be suspended or expelled for continued disruptive behavior. This has never happened and we hope it never does. This is at the discretion of the Scoutmaster. Adults with issues are asked to discuss their problems in a calm and rational manner among adults. If an adult problem continues and the adult can’t work things out they may be suspended or expelled for continued disruptive behavior. This has never happened and we hope it never does. Appeals by boys and adults may be made to the Troop Committee for consideration of reinstatement. Troop 330 has a written discipline policy that was developed by the Scouts and the troop committee.

• Troop 330 is a no drama, no bullying, no electronics, no cussing, no fighting, no drugs, no alcohol, no laziness, no disrespectful attitudes and we have zero tolerance for any negativity. All members of Troop 330 are expected to work together with each other to learn and grow as a person.

• Attendance: All Scouts are expected to participate frequently. If you do not show up to meetings you will not usually know what is going on. We understand other things are important, too. Scouts are not penalized for having other interests. That’s why if you are in sports or band you can miss troop meetings and events to attend. Just remember, we believe that your participation as a Scout in Troop 330 is just as important as your participation in football, hockey, baseball and band. It is up to the Scout to manage his time when participating in multiple after school activities. Millions of Scouts have managed to juggle Scouting and sports. We suspect you probably can, too.

• Boys lead Troop 330. The boys run the meetings, plan the activities and make major decisions. The Scouts are guided by experienced adult leaders who volunteer their time to ensure the boys are safe and learning in a good environment. Safety is always our priority.

*All information contained on this page is subject to change and is for informational purposes only.