March 18th - Parent Meeting American Legion 6:00

The parents of troop 330 are invited to a mid-year parent meeting on March 18th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  The purpose for this meeting to provide the parents with the activities planned for the rest of the year and into summer, results from the parent survey, and your input on whether the troop should be opened to girls.

You will be able to order from the menu so you can enjoy your dinner during the meeting.  Listed below is the agenda for the meeting.

  • Schedule of activities
  • Follow-up on parent survey
  • Input from the parents on opening up the troop to girls
  • Q&A

March 20 - Troop Meeting and Parent Information Session

March 20 at 7:00 at Chanhassen Elementary will be new scout orientation. The older scouts will be sharing their wisdom on the running of the troop, what is TeamSnap, why summer camp is so great and other upcoming events.

While the scouts are sharing their knowledge, the parents will also be meeting to have similar discussions with the adults leaders. This meeting will focus more on the nuts and bolts of the troop and summer camp. While there may be some overlap with Sunday’s meeting, parents are encourage to attend both as their schedules allow.

March 27 - Spring Break

There is no Tuesday night meeting on March 27.

April Events - Troop Meetings, Adopt-A-Road, and Two Overnights

April 3 is the first PLC meeting for our newly elected Patrol Leaders, no regular troop meeting. Typically, the first Tuesday of the month during the school year is the PLC. The Sunday following the PLC is the troop committee meeting from 3:00 to 5:00 at the Chanhassen Library. The Troop Committee meeting is where the troop leadership and interested adults meet to determine what is needed to support the PLC decisions.

On April 6-8, we will be camping at Minneopa State Park. The PLC has planned a cooking contest. We will also be working on the photography and hiking merit badges. This is a great first camp for the new scouts as it is only a weekend and you’ll get to learn about the tents and camping. Also, it is a perfect chance to work on the first ranks. This is one chance to get some camping experience before summer camp.

April 10 at 7:00 – 8:15 is a regular troop meeting at Chanhassen Elementary.  Older scouts will have a chance to work on the Stamp Collecting merit badge. Fewer than 1000 scouts earn this badge each year —  you could be one of them! The session will cover some of the requirements and explain what is needed to complete the badge. Mrs. Olmsted is the counselor and is available for follow ups at most meetings.  This meeting will also include preparation for summer camp and working on the Scout rank.

April 17 is another regular troop meeting at Chan Elem.  All scouts who need the physical skills for Tenderfoot (first or second time) will be working on those in addition to working on Scout rank. We will also be preparing for the Solar Boat Regatta in May.

April 24th is Adopt-A-Road so meet at the Kwik Trip at 6:30 instead of Chan Elem at 7:00. We pick up the trash along a mile long stretch of Galpin Road.  Please wear your Class B, work shoes (it is usually very muddy), work gloves and dress for the weather. This is a rain or shine event. Local Webelos are also invited to join us.  The troop provides the high visibility jackets and trash bags.

April 27 – 29 is “Scout Trek” at the Ripley Rendezvous. It has several programs that take advantage of the facilities at Camp Ripley. The adventure program will include shooting shot guns, .22 rifles, 50 cal black powder inlines and archery. The Scout Ops program will include the GA GA pit and 9 ball (whatever those are).  We will stay in the tin hut barracks and all food is provided. We will sign up as a troop so don’t sign up on your own, but more information is here. It is a great deal at only $40. This is your chance to attend a large event with thousands of scouts.

Congratulations to Luther!

A big congratulations to Luther Wilmot as Troop 330’s latest Eagle Scout!

American Legion Fish Fry on Fridays - 5:00 - 7:45

What does it mean to help at a fish fry? The scouts bus the tables by placing the silverware and cups in dirty dish bins and tossing the paper plates. The scouts also refill water glasses — the wait staff does all other drinks. The scouts also wipe down and reset the tables with new napkins.

This is our way of thanking the American Legion in Chanhassen for their support as our charter organization. The scouts bus tables during the buffet fish fry dinners the Legion has during Lent.  The staff and patrons enjoy seeing friendly scouts in their full uniforms. Scouts arrive at 5:00 and are usually invited to a free dinner during a lull in the evening.

In addition to being the charter organization, the Legion is very generous financial supporter of the scouting program. Their support allows the troop to purchase equipment (like our fancy new trailer) and keep costs reasonable for membership and activities.

Each scout is expected to participate at least once, sign up on Teamsnap. We need between 2 – 4 scouts per Friday and two adults each night.  Please sign up even if there are already two scouts, Mr. Louwagie will manage the schedule to balance things out. Parents, if you are able to help out, please contact him — his details are available on Teamsnap.

Upcoming Overnights and Events!

Grab the family calendar and save these dates, sign up on TeamSnap!

On a Saturday (date is now TBD) we will be helping out at the Autoplex as a troop fundraiser.  We will share details when we have them.

May 11 to the 13th we will be camping. The new PLC will be picking the focus but we have reserved Phillipo Scout Camp.

The Solar Boat Regatta is May 19th.

Memorial Day we attend the graveside service with the American Legion. The City of Chanhassen will most likely invite us to participate in their lunchtime ceremony.

Spring COH is May 29 at 6:30 at the Chanhassen Library.  Please invite your family and the local Webelos.

Summer Camp is in June.  The American Legion usually has a flag retirement service in the evening on Flag Day which is June 14th.

July 4th we march in the parade and provide water to the American Legion color guard. We’re at the front so you can walk back and meet your family to view the rest of the parade. July will most likely also have a medium adventure hiking/backpacking trip to the Black Hills in SD.

For August, we will be trying to grab a spot at Fred C. Anderson scout camp. The PLC is also considering a local family car camp out for sometime this fall. Please pass along any suggestions to your patrol leader to assist in planning. We are one of the host troops for the Lake Minnetonka District Fall Camporee.

2018 Summer Camp - June 16 - 23 with Itasca & BWCA

Scouts can sign up for merit badges NOW!  Pick the ones you want and let the scoutmaster team know.

Summer Camp is June 16 – 23 at Camp Wilderness with a visit to Itasca State Park.  Summer camp is a great time to spend time with your friends and away from home. It is also a chance to work on some unusual merit badges or complete an Eagle required.  This camp offers 35 different badges so there is something for everyone. There is even a session for boys hoping to rapidly finish Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks.

There is a Northern Tier (BWCA canoe trip) option for scouts who are over 14, can pass the swimmer test and weigh between 100 – 295 pounds. For more details, ask the scouts who went last time. These scouts will spend the first and last nights with the troop and the middle of the week out in canoes. If you are working on the Triple Crown  or Grand Slam of high adventure treks, this is your chance to get Northern Tier.

Drivers can spend the night (or more) to split the driving across two days and spend some time camping.  Parents spending the week can sign up to earn Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications while the boys are off earning merit badges. While not required, the troop would like all adults driving or camping to complete the free on-line Youth Protection Training (YPT). It only takes about 30 minutes, be sure to give a copy of your certificate to Mr. Walker for the troop records.

Philmont 2019 -- July 23 to August 4

Troop 330 won a spot in the lottery to go to Philmont in the summer of 2019.  The crew going decides on any touring before or after and how to manage the travel. These decisions affect the final cost to each person attending and the actual schedule.  Scouts can use their earnings from selling wreaths. The trek group will also have several specific fundraisers.

Scouts must be at least 14 years old by the time they get to Philmont.  Each participant must meet the height/weight requirements.  Every trek involves hiking all day with a 35 to 50 pound backpack at elevations of 6,500 to 12,500 feet.

For more details ask the scouts who went on the last trek. Scouts attending will be expected to participate in several hikes and shake down camps in the spring to prepare. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Outside Merit Badge Opportunities!

Numerous groups sponsor merit badge opportunities where scouts to work on and often complete unique merit badges. It is the scouts’ responsibility to “be prepared” by reading the merit badge booklet (check it out from the troop library or purchase a copy at a scout shop) or at a minimum, work through the workbook.   Scouts sign up and arrange their own transportation.  Unless otherwise noted by the sponsor group, scouts are expected to be in full uniform. It is often more fun to bring a buddy from the troop but is not required.

Scoutmaster Bucky holds large in person and on-line session almost every month.  The in person session are usually held at a church or school at various locations around the metro area. About twice a year, he hosts sessions at business, a college or university or even a museum in order to work on the highly unusual merit badges. These sessions are very popular so check often and sign up early.

How about Animal Science and a tour at the Minnesota State Fair? There are several dates for prep work before the behind the scenes at the Fair this fall.

Here’s another chance for DroneTech at Base Camp on March 24th. This session is hosted by Northland Aerospace and The Pathfinder project.