Wreath Fundraiser

The flyers and handouts for the fall wreath sales will be available at the first few troop meetings and COH.  Scouts in full uniform can go door-to-door for sales.

The net proceeds from the wreath sales go to your scout account, the troop does not take a percentage. These funds can be used to pay your annual troop membership which is due in December. The funds can also be used to attend weekend camps, summer camp or high adventure. The funds can also be used if a scout activity has a cost — such as a merit badge session or indoor climbing event.

You will need to turn in your total order and checks (no cash) by the deadline, no late orders will be accepted.

September Schedule

The current PLC members will meet on 9/4 to finalize some of the fall schedule of events.

The first regular troop meeting is 9/11.

The Fall Court of Honor (COH) is tentative for 9/25, we are still locking down the location.

Older scouts, the troop will be electing officers, please consider running and contact Mr. Jesse if interested.  Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is elected in the fall.  While the SPL is not required to attend every meeting, event and camp out,  he is expected to attend a majority. If is impossible to be the leader if you are not around.  All the other troop level positions are also available — ASPL, Librarian, Scribe, Quartermaster, etc. Please refer to your (updated) scout handbook for a complete list of what qualifies for rank advancement. Patrols will also be electing a Patrol Leader (PL).

If you need to give a presentation for Cyber Chip, Citizenship in the Nation,Weather or any other rank or merit badge, please come prepared. Scouts needing to EDGE or teach a skill for First Aid, Chess or any other requirement, should also come prepared. The PLC usually plans a bit of time during the first few meetings.

Fall District Camporee Sept 21-23

The Lake Minnetonka Fall Western Horse themed fall camporee just announced a new date — September 21-23, 2018.  Same activities.

While the horse ride is at camporee, it is an add-on activity with limited numbers of spots and an additional cost.

Please update TeamSnap ASAP.


Sunday August 26th - American Legion 100th Anniversary Parade

A very exciting anniversary is coming up: it’s the 100th National Convention of the American Legion. And it is being hosted right here in Minneapolis, just as the very first one was, nearly a century ago! Northern Star Council Scout Executive John Andrews pointed out that Twin Cities Scouts participated in the first convention, and he is more than a little enthused that we have this historic opportunity now.
Arrangements have been made with the BSA national office in Texas and the American Legion national headquarters in Indianapolis, and we are now pleased to announce we have authorization to march in the Grand Parade on Sunday August 26 in downtown Minneapolis. Buses will be provided for transportation. Meet at Chanhassen Elementary for a prompt 2:30 pm bus departure.

They would like the scouts to be carrying as many U.S. Flags as possible, check with your parents and bring your flag & pole from home. It is a short route so it will be easy to carry.

Each scout needs to wear full uniform with tan shirt, solid color non-gym shorts and troop neckerchief.  Each scout will also need to bring a water bottle, use a carabiner to clip it to your belt. Sign up on TeamSnap!

Dining Fly Rental

Families can rent the Troop 330 dining flies for events such as Eagle, graduation or confirmation parties. The very reasonably priced rental includes set-up and take-down by a team of friendly scouts.  The dining flies also have sides if needed for rainy weather. All proceeds go into the troop equipment fund. Contact Mr. Jesse or Mr. Noble to reserve your dates.

Scout Parents -- Troop Committee Needs You!

Two of our great long standing volunteers are retiring from the troop committee. They will be sadly missed and must be replaced.

We are in need of a troop treasurer and a secretary.  The Troop Committee meets on the first Sunday after the first Tuesday (PLC night) each month during the school year. Neither of these jobs requires attending all the Tuesday night meetings.

Philmont 2019 -- July 23 to August 4

Troop 330 won a spot in the lottery to go to Philmont in the summer of 2019.  The crew going decides on any touring before or after and how to manage the travel. These decisions affect the final cost to each person attending and the actual schedule.  Scouts can use their earnings from selling wreaths. The trek group will also have several specific fundraisers.

Scouts must be at least 14 years old by the time they get to Philmont.  Each participant must meet the height/weight requirements.  Every trek involves hiking all day with a 35 to 50 pound backpack at elevations of 6,500 to 12,500 feet.

For more details ask the scouts who went on the last trek. Scouts attending will be expected to participate in several hikes and shake down camps in the fall and spring to prepare. Sign up now to reserve your spot.