Swim Test – May 14 and May 16

Scouts going to Northern Tier *must* pass the swim test before going to camp in June.

Scouts going to Summer Camp can pass the test in a warm pool before going to camp. Or you can take the test when you arrive at camp in the not as warm lake.

Scouts working on Second Class and First Class also need to do some swimming even if not going to camp. This is  a chance to perform these skills at a pool.

The CCC open swim follows the test, scouts and their families can stay and swim. The testing sessions only take 20-30 minutes, parents should plan on staying.  Scout leadership team will not be staying for open swim.

May 14th the test starts at 6:45 while May 16th the test starts at 6:30.  Scouts check in on their own at the front desk and pay admission if not members.

April Events - Troop Meeting, Adopt-A-Road, and Ripley

April 17 is  regular troop meeting at Chan Elem.  All scouts who need the physical skills for Tenderfoot (first or second time) will be working on those in addition to working on Scout rank. We will also be preparing for the Solar Boat Regatta in May.

April 24th is Adopt-A-Road so meet at the Kwik Trip at 6:30. We pick up the trash along a mile long stretch of Galpin Road.  Please wear your Class B shirt, work shoes (it is usually very muddy), work gloves and dress for the weather. This is a rain or shine event. Local Webelos are also invited to join us so pass along the information to your former Pack. The troop provides the high visibility jackets and trash bags. Please arrange pick up at 8:00.

April 27 – 29 is “Scout Trek” at the Ripley Rendezvous. It has several programs that take advantage of the facilities at Camp Ripley. The adventure program will include shooting shot guns, .22 rifles, 50 cal black powder inlines and archery. The Scout Ops program will include the GA GA pit and 9 ball (whatever those are).  We will stay in the tin hut barracks and all food is provided. We will sign up as a troop so don’t sign up on your own, but more information is here. It is a great deal at only $50. This is your chance to attend a large event with thousands of scouts. Sign up at a troop meeting and on Teamsnap

May Calendar!

Grab the family calendar and sign up on TeamSnap!

The Tuesday May 8th meeting the Screaming Sloths will be a working on Scout rank and making patrol flag.  There will be a parent meeting on summer camp so please attend if your son is going to camp.  Contact Mr. Jesse if you need a Scoutmaster conference or Board of Review for rank.

Saturday May 26th  from 8:00 to noon we will be helping out at the Autoplex as a troop fundraiser.  Scouts should wear their Class A tan shirt & neckerchief with dark solid color bottoms. We will be directing traffic and selling donuts/coffee/water.

May 11 to the 13th we will be camping at Phillipo Scout Camp where we will be staying in tents and doing some hiking. Let SM Jesse know if you want to be your patrol cook.

Our May 15th meeting is replaced by the American Legion flag retirement at 6:45.  Scouts should be in Class A with neckerchief. Families are invited to attend. After the ceremony ends around 7:15, boys who wish may walk over to Culver’s for social time until 8:00. Each scout needs to bring his own spending money and arrange to be picked up there, we will not be walking back to the American Legion.

The Solar Boat Regatta is May 19th in the morning at Lake Riley in Eden Prairie.

May 22 we are honored to have Mayor Laufenberger visiting our troop meeting to discuss the rights and obligations of citizens. Please be on time and in uniform.  This is also the night for Cyber Chip presentations.  This is also the last night to turn in advancement for the Spring COH. Contact Mr. Jesse if you need a scoutmaster conference or Board of Review.

Memorial Day we attend the graveside service with the American Legion. The City of Chanhassen has invited us to participate in their lunchtime ceremony.

Spring Court of Honor is May 29 at 6:30 at St. Hubert’s Catholic Church.  Please invite your family and the local Webelos. This will be a joint Eagle ceremony for Luther Wilmot and Douglas Olmsted in addition to the regular COH.


2018 Summer Camp - June 16 - 23 with Itasca & BWCA

Summer Camp is June 16 – 23 at Camp Wilderness with a visit to Itasca State Park.  Summer camp is a great time to spend time with your friends and away from home. It is also a chance to work on some unusual merit badges or complete an Eagle required.  This camp offers 35 different badges so there is something for everyone. There is even a session for boys hoping to rapidly finish Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks.

The Northern Tier (BWCA canoe trip) option is now full but there are still spots to go to camp.

Drivers can spend the night (or more) to split the driving across two days and spend some time camping.  Parents spending the week can sign up to earn Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications while the boys are off earning merit badges. While not required, the troop would like all adults driving or camping to complete the free on-line Youth Protection Training (YPT). It only takes about 30 minutes, be sure to give a copy of your certificate to Mr. Walker for the troop records.

Philmont 2019 -- July 23 to August 4

Troop 330 won a spot in the lottery to go to Philmont in the summer of 2019.  The crew going decides on any touring before or after and how to manage the travel. These decisions affect the final cost to each person attending and the actual schedule.  Scouts can use their earnings from selling wreaths. The trek group will also have several specific fundraisers.

Scouts must be at least 14 years old by the time they get to Philmont.  Each participant must meet the height/weight requirements.  Every trek involves hiking all day with a 35 to 50 pound backpack at elevations of 6,500 to 12,500 feet.

For more details ask the scouts who went on the last trek. Scouts attending will be expected to participate in several hikes and shake down camps in the spring to prepare. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Outside Merit Badge Opportunities!

Numerous groups sponsor merit badge opportunities where scouts to work on and often complete unique merit badges. It is the scouts’ responsibility to “be prepared” by reading the merit badge booklet (check it out from the troop library or purchase a copy at a scout shop) or at a minimum, work through the workbook.   Scouts sign up and arrange their own transportation.  Unless otherwise noted by the sponsor group, scouts are expected to be in full uniform. It is often more fun to bring a buddy from the troop but is not required.

Scoutmaster Bucky holds large in person and on-line session almost every month.  The in person session are usually held at a church or school at various locations around the metro area. About twice a year, he hosts sessions at business, a college or university or even a museum in order to work on the highly unusual merit badges. These sessions are very popular so check often and sign up early.

How about Animal Science and a behind the scenes barn tour at the Minnesota State Fair?

Scout Parents -- Merit Badge Counselors are needed

The PLC is looking for more merit badge offerings outside of the Eagle required ones that are held at Tuesday troop meetings.  These offerings can be a session at the library, a work place visit some afternoon after school, a field trip on a school release day or part of a weekend camp out. The possibilities are endless!

Any adult can become a merit badge counselor (you do not need to have a child in scouts).  All it takes is a registration form, Youth Protection Training (YPT) and an interest in working with the scouts. You can become a counselor based on your knowledge and interests from work or play.  There are over 135 different  merit badges so there is bound to be a few for everyone.

Youth Protection Training is offered free on-line. It only takes about thirty minutes and is valid for two years. Just be sure to print out your certificate and give it to Mr. Walker for the troop records.