5/15 - 5/17 Ripley Rendezvous

Large Jamboree Event with 4000+ scouts.  Events include rocket launching, military demonstrations, outdoor skills training, firearms and military demos, drone flights, stage show with fireworks etc. — cost $70/scout

Meet at Chan Elementary at 6pm Friday 5/15 to depart.  Should have already eaten and ready for a 2 1/2 hour car ride, wear your Class A – Scout uniform with troop neckerchief.

Approximate return is Sunday at 12:30 – we will make calls to parents when we are on the way since the checkout process for 4,000 scouts may take some time and is out of our control.

We will be staying in tents and cooking our own meals, BE PREPARED for the weather – it may rain – bring rain gear!



Mr King, Mr Myster, Mrs Klinsing, Mr Jesse

Listed below are the scouts that signed up for the event.


Alex Ch
Nathan J
Sean J
Trevor K
Dylan K
Andrew L
Conner L
Zach M
David M
John N
Rian N
Tripp P
Nathan R
Colin R
Lamont T
Andrew W
Matt W
Luther W
Blake W


5/19 Advancement Deadline

5/19 is the last opportunity for rank advancement prior to the summer break.

The Tenderfoot to First Class physical skills will be tested.

5/25 Memorial Day with American Legion

Memorial Day – This is great opportunity to show our support, presence and gratitude to American Legion and our veterans.  There will be memorial service at the St Hubert’s Cemetery in Chanhassen.  More detail to follow

5/26 Spring Court of Honor

Spring Court of Honor will be 5/26  – more details to follow.

Eagle Scout Information for Life Scouts 5/19/15

Mr. Schmidt will discuss the Eagle Scout process – projects, MB’s and application – with Life Scouts during the 5/19/15 Troop meeting.

Future Events

Future Events are being planned for the summer.  More details to follow for each events

June: Summer Camp

July: Lake Minnewashta (swimming)

August: Gooseberry Falls Hike and Camp Out

September: Lake Zumbra biking and Camp Out

October: Wilderness Knowledge (EmergencyPreparedness

May 5 - Summer Camp Swim Test

There will be swim test and approval/sign-off for all Scout attending Summer Camp and Non-first class scouts.  If the scout must pass the swim requirements in order to participate any water related activities at summer camp.  Cost is $7.50 or CCC membership.

Any adults who are also attending summer camp will need the swim test to participate in any water activities.

Meet the Chaska Community Center at 7:00 PM and pick up at 8:00 PM

Chaska Community Center
1661 Park Ridge Dr
Chaska, MN 55318
(952) 448-5633

4/28 Troop meeting update – Adopt a road clean-up

MEETING UPDATE: 4/28 – Adopt-a-road cleanup night, 6:30pm meet (note early start time and unique location) at the Legion.  Will need parent drivers to shuttle over to our road cleanup sight immediately after cleanup at the Legion.  Scouts wear class “B” uniforms, gloves and appropriate clothing/shoes for the weather.  The group should be done within the hour, approx 7:30pm.

5/3 Birding and Motor Boating Merit Badge Course work

Birding  and Motor Boating Merit Course  5/3 will be the course work for the Birding and Motor boating merit badge.  Both are scheduled to be back to back in the Longfellow room at the Chanhassen Library.   Motor boating is 1:00 PM and the Birding course starts at 2:30 PM.

7711 Kerber Blvd

Chanhassen, MN 55317

5/12 – Advancement Night

Advancement Night – This night is being scheduled for board of reviews for all scouts who have completed the requirements for rank advancement.  Contact Mrs Olmsted or Mr Jesse for a scoutmaster review.  Contact Mrs Olmsted or Mr Walker about completing partials. Contact Mr Schmidt for a board of review.

Learn about the EDGE from old scouts