Summer Camp 2020 - Both Troops on July 25 - August 1

Please check your email for updates.  Everyone needs to bring three washable masks in addition to the normal week long camp gear.  We will have more time at our troop campsite than usual, please consider bringing outdoor games to share.

Virtual Summer Camps All Over

Check out the available virtual summer camp  opportunities. If you still have a few merit badges you’d like to check out or want to spend some time on-line with scouts from other councils, check out the offerings.  Scouts sign up on their own, but, as usual, contact your Scoutmaster before starting any merit badges. The different camps have different deadlines, different schedules, different mixes of required on-line sessions vs. work at your own pace, available badges, provided physical resources and costs.

Northern Star Council Virtual Merit Badges

Check TeamSnap for courses offered by Troop 330 counselors.

District M (formerly Lake Minnetonka District) is offering virtual merit badge sessions. Check out the list here.

 Scoutmaster Bucky will also be offering summer sessions.
You sign up on your own and work with the counselor via virtual meeting sessions, but don’t forget to drop a note to your Scoutmaster to let him/her know.

Fishing Fun

Both troops will be meeting informally this summer, please signup if you are interested on TeamSnap.

Scouts are Searching for Merit Badge Counselors

With all the scouts working from home, they have been looking at merit badges they can complete while maintaining social distancing.

In order to facilitate their progress, the troop is looking for adults willing to become merit badge counselors.  You must first complete Youth Protection Training which is done completely on line and valid for two years.  Then you offer to share your knowledge, hobbies, work skills and passions with the scouts.  Please contact Mr. Louwagie to register.

The troop will reimburse each counselor for the purchase of a merit badge pamphlet for each of their badges. These books provide extensive details on how the scouts complete each of the requirements and can be purchased for under $5 at the Scout Shop The troop has a library of books for the scouts to borrow while working on a badge.  There are also workbooks available on-line.

There are over 135 different merit badges, the troop would love to expand our base.


Troop Meetings and Events are Virtual!

Troop 5330 and Troop 3330 are meeting on-line. Tuesdays will be troop meetings with Thursdays devoted to merit badge sessions.

Please refer to TeamSnap and check your email for directions on how to join our invite only sessions.

Summer 2021 Adventures

We won the lottery and have a spot at Seabase for the fist week of August 2021. You must be 13 years old by then, meet height/weight requirements and pass the swim test. You can get more information on the camp at the Seabase web site. We are sending three crews and all spots are filled. Contact Mr. Jesse to be placed on the waiting list.


Scout Parents -- Troop Committee Needs You!

We are in need of a secretary, recruitment chair and a merit badge coordinator.  Additionally, we would like to start transitioning for other positions. None of these jobs requires attending all the Tuesday night meetings or any of the overnights, though adults are always welcome to attend.

We are also looking for additional adult human females to join as an Assistant Scoutmaster to attend meetings and events with Troop 5330 when Mrs. Olmsted is unavailable.  Please contact one of us if you are interested.

Anyone experienced sportsmen or sportswomen who would be willing to become BSA Range Officer certified? The scouts enjoy spending time on the rifle and bow range. To use the ranges at scout camps, we need to have a range officer. The troop will pay any costs associated with the training sessions.